Alcon Big Brake Kit Rear 2010-2018 FORD RAPTOR & F-150
Alcon Big Brake Kit Rear 2010-2018 FORD RAPTOR & F-150
Alcon Big Brake Kit Rear 2010-2018 FORD RAPTOR & F-150

Alcon Big Brake Kit Rear 2010-2018 FORD RAPTOR & F-150

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Ford SVT Raptor / F-150


Rear Brake Upgrade
Fits 2010-2014 and 2017 on Ford SVT Raptor
Fits 2009 on Ford F-150

 (Rear kit is not compatible with electronic parking brakes on the F150 and 2019 Raptors.  You may use just the front kit without negatively impacting brake bias)

(Note: If you own a 2009-2011 F-150 you will need to order part #’s FOCL3Z-2210-C and FOCL3Z-2209-C from your local Ford dealer to finish installation.)

When you’re heading into extreme terrain, you leave nothing to chance. That’s why you’ve added all the aftermarket upgrades: Lift kits, tall tires, tow hooks and a winch. But there’s one problem; the weight of all that extra gear can put a strain on braking performance. The more serious your adventure, the more you need Alcon.

Our complete uprated brake solutions are designed to perform superbly even in the harshest conditions. From high rocks to desert washes, these extensively tested brake systems will battle through the toughest challenges without sacrificing performance. Plus, each kit has been custom-designed to be compatible with OE master cylinders and fit nicely behind many 17” and larger aftermarket off-road wheels.

Key features and benefits

Gains in performance over stock braking system:
– 10% reduction in disc temperature rise
– 33% reduction in pad work rate
– Up to 15% reduction in pedal effort

Ductile Iron caliper housing providing maximum strength and stiffness as well as high resistance to impact and fatigue

Epoxy acrylic paint over acid zinc finish for maximum corrosion protection

High friction pads increase stopping power

Larger rotors increase brake torque and thermal capacity, reducing potential for brake fade

Increased pad area reduces temperatures and increases pad life


High temperature seal material as used in highest levels of motorsport

Wiper seal on every piston for dirt exclusion

Low profile design fits inside OEM 17” Raptor, many 17” and larger aftermarket wheels

Compatible with stock OEM actuation / Retains and
utilizes OEM parking brakeAlcon Big brake