BFG KO2   37/12.50R17 D Rated
BFG KO2   37/12.50R17 D Rated

BFG KO2 37/12.50R17 D Rated

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  • The All-Terrain T/A KO2 from BFGoodrich delivers the ultimate in off-road excitement without compromising handling on the pavement, so the only place you risk getting stuck is in traffic. It has a longer tread life, stellar grip for performance in any terrain, and reliable on-road stability. Get the All-Terrain T/A KO2 from BFGoodrich, so you can keep on rolling, whatever terrain you decide to take on.20% Tougher Sidewalls: Featuring race-proven CoreGard™ Technology to take on the toughest road hazards with confidence. [1]


  • CoreGard Technology: 1) Split & bruise resistant sidewall rubber, derived from BFGoodrich's race proven Baja T/A®KR2 tire. 2) Increased rubber thickness, extending down the sidewall to protect more of the critical sidewall failure zone. 3) Advanced Deflection Design deflects protruding objects from snagging & splitting the sidewall.

  • Longer Treadlife to extend your adventure.[2]

    1) Locking 3-D Sipes provide increased tread block stability, for more even wear over the long haul. 2) Advanced tire footprint shape results in more evenly distributed stress, for longer more uniform wear.

  • Aggressive All-Terrain traction to confidently get where you want to go.[3]

    1) Serrated Shoulder Design provides increased mud, snow & rock traction, especially in aired-down driving situations. 2) Interlocking Tread Elements maximize traction and handling on- and off-road by stabilizing the tread center and providing biting edges for improved traction. 3) 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake Rated: Exceeds Rubber Manufacturer Association (RMA) Severe Snow Traction requirements.